Kim Kardashian ‘Humiliated At Wedding,’ Declares Tabloid That Keeps Faking Stuff

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates


(In Touch)

Kim Kardashian was “humiliated at her wedding,” claims In Touch, a magazine so desperate to make news it faked a picture for a cover story about Kardashian’s nuptials.

Perhaps still hurt that Kardashian herself called out its lame trickery, the tabloid goes after her this week with a report claiming “family fights, a torn dress & snubs from 25 A-listers” supposedly ruined her wedding to Kanye West.

According to In Touch, the bride had a “meltdown” moments before the ceremony when her Givenchy dress allegedly ripped and required a last-minute fix. “But Kim’s fashion freak-out wasn’t the only drama that plagued” the event, alleges the tabloid, a publication that said a year ago West was going to dump Kardashian and has zero credibility reporting on their wedding.

The outlet explains:

“Mom Kris Jenner had an epic showdown with son Rob over his weight. Bruce Jenner got emotional and had a bizarre crying fit. The Kardashians clashed with — and shunned — Kanye’s family. Roughly 25 A-listers snubbed Kim by refusing to come to the wedding. And, it appeared, Kim got plastic surgery right before the wedding and it went horribly wrong.”

None of this actually happened.

Most of it comes from a so-called “frenemy” who tells In Touch that Kardashian was “hysterical and crying” over her mother’s alleged fight with her brother, and that everyone was weirded out by the “noises” a sobbing Bruce made while walking his stepdaughter down the aisle.

“Kim got more Botox and [lip] fillers in preparation for the wedding,” claims the source, who says the bride “loves looking like she is permanently airbrushed.” As for the guest list, the In Touch insider says, “I heard there were at least 25 A-listers who were invited and didn’t show up!”

Meanwhile, a different “family friend” tells the mag, “Kim’s family never acted thrilled to see Kanye’s family. They act as if they can take them or leave them. No one is even trying to build a bond.”

All of this is fascinating coming from an outlet that has made up stories about Kardashian’s weight gain and familial relationships… but is it true? NO. A person who was actually at the wedding tells Gossip Cop, “The people that were there were the ones who were supposed to be there. No drama with the dress. It was exquisite. No lip plumping.” Where did In Touch and its “frenemy” source come up with the story of everything allegedly being a disaster? “They make all of this up,” we’re told. Yes, they do.

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