CLAIM: Kim Kardashian “Betrayed” Before Wedding

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By Daniel Gates


Kim Kardashian is in trouble, according to OK! magazine. The tabloid’s cover makes the case that she’s been “Betrayed Before The Wedding” and “shattered by a secret that could ruin everything.”

If you’re already confused about the reference to Kardashian’s so-called “wedding,” that’s because she and boyfriend Kris Humphries are NOT actually planning nuptials. Two weeks ago, OK! claimed to have details about the couple’s upcoming “dream wedding,” which Gossip Cop debunked.

In any case, how has Kardashian now been “betrayed,” as OK! alleges? The magazine builds its “exclusive” around a “close friend” of Humphries’ ex-girlfriend Bianka Kamber, whom Humphries supposedly dumped abruptly despite marriage talk. This Kamber “friend” is now warning Kardashian that she “may find herself betrayed and heartbroken before she ever walks down the aisle.”

OK! then goes on… and on… and on about Humphries’ old relationship with Kamber, filled with anecdotes about him being unromantic and inattentive. Again, most of the article is about how Humphries allegedly handled things with Kamber – not Kardashian. The fact that they broke up without marrying is, apparently, the giant red flashing warning sign that Kardashian should heed.

What this is all really about is OK! establishing an escape for itself after promising the Kardashian-Humphries “dream wedding” two weeks ago. There was no truth to that story, and there’s no substance to these new claims about Kardashian’s supposed betrayal.

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