Kim Kardashian “Used” By Kanye West, Declares In Touch

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(In Touch Weekly)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch Weekly)

Another week, another made-up In Touch cover story about Kim Kardashian. The tabloid, which prints poorly sourced and embarrassingly wrong articles about the reality star at an alarming pace, now claims she’s been “used” by Kanye West, who allegedly “doesn’t want her anymore.”

In Touch says Kardashian was in a “foul mood” during her family’s Greek vacation getaway because she and West met up in New York just days before and, according to the mag’s insider, she thought he had “checked out of their relationship.”

“She’s finally free to marry him now that her divorce to Kris [Humphries] is final, but he has absolutely no intention of walking down the aisle with her,” explains the magazine’s source. “He only wants the baby.”

Um… a couple of things. First of all, Kardashian was perfectly happy in Greece, despite lame and predictable webloid reports to the contrary. Second, Kardashian and West were perfectly happy together in New York before the Greece trip, and then again in Paris after the vacation. In fact, despite continued In Touch protests about how “miserable” and “deserted” Kardashian supposedly is, she and West keep spending time together. It must be frustrating for the magazine to be proven wrong at every turn.

In any case, this time around In Touch explains that “Kanye’s obsession with Kim evaporated” once he finally got her after years of pursuit. Uh-huh. Apparently, it didn’t “evaporate” before she got pregnant after several months of dating. “She served a purpose for him… Kim used to be so desirable that every guy wanted to date her,” says an In Touch insider. “But now he’s over it.”

When is In Touch going to be “over” its sad, repetitive allegation that Kardashian’s been “dumped” — when that’s absolutely not the case? A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest from the magazine is “completely ridiculous.”

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