Kim Kardashian Spending $200,000 to Have Twins with Kanye West?

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By Daniel Gates


Kim Kardashian is actively working on having twins with Kanye West, according to the National Enquirer.

The tabloid claims the reality TV star has “ditched plans to have a baby by a surrogate mom, sources say, and she’ll spend the $200,000 she’d budgeted for that on cutting-edge fertility treatments.”

“Kim originally planned to use a surrogate to preserve what she calls her ‘money-maker,’ that being her curvaceous shape,” explains a helpful “source” for the Enquirer.

The tab’s insider continues, “But after their trip to Italy, she said, ‘All I want now is to be Kanye’s wife and the mother of his babies. I don’t care WHAT it does to my figure!'”

And so Kardashian is now allegedly “said to be researching high-tech fertility treatments.”

“Kim wants to make sure her first delivery will be twins,” says the Enquirer source.

Um… that’s not really how pregnancy works, but then again, the tabloid’s medical expertise looks to be on par with its general Kardashian expertise.

This is the same publication that wrongly linked Kim to Tim Tebow and keeps falsely insisting sister Khloe’s real father is O.J. Simpson.

The Enquirer has now pulled a random figure ($200,000) out of thin air, claims Kardashian had intended to use it for a non-existent surrogacy, and is switching to a different phony story about her getting pregnant with twins.

Kardashian and West may very well start a family at some point in the future.

But the couple is NOT actively pursuing fertility treatment to have twins, despite the Enquirer report.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the tab’s story is “totally inaccurate.”

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