Kanye West “Won’t Let” Kim Kardashian Get Tummy Tuck After Baby is Born?

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By Michael Lewittes


This is simply ridiculous. Earlier this week, HollywoodLife ran a story alleging Kim Kardashian was planning to get a “tummy tuck” after she gives birth to her baby. Now, the webloid has posted a BOGUS follow-up report, claiming Kanye West “won’t let” the reality star go under the knife because his mom died due to complications from a plastic surgery procedure back in 2007.

HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife quotes a supposed “source close to the couple” as saying, “Kanye ain’t controlling, but he would be in this situation. That’s something he’s against like for real for real.” “He don’t want Kim to be doing that sh*t, you know that’s what took his mom’s back in the day so he definitely don’t want Kim do be f***ing around like that,” adds the so-called “insider.”

STOP. We can’t decide what’s worse — the fact that Jay Penske’s webloid made up yet another a story out of thin air — or that its writers use racial stereotyping in their wholly fabricated quotes as “evidence” for its reports? Both are just about as low as a blog can go. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a Kardashian family insider, who tells us there’s no truth to either of the webloid’s claims. And it’s worth noting that Kardashian has said she wants to have a big family, and it would make absolutely no sense for her to get a tummy tuck if she does indeed plan on having more children.

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Kanye West has banned Kim Kardashian from plastic surgery.

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