Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Fighting Over Tattoo?

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By Daniel Gates


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Kim Kardashian’s driving Kanye West KRAZY — and it’s all about ‘K!'” declares the National Enquirer, a repository for embarrassingly bad made-up stories about the couple.

According to the outlet’s source, “Kanye, who’s already got a bunch of tattoos, told Kim he really wanted them both to tattoo the magical ‘K’ on their wrists — and got really excited when she agreed.”

“Kim backed down, saying she just couldn’t bring herself to do it,” claims the Enquirer source. “She tried to explain it had nothing to do with him or their relationship — she just does NOT want to ink up her body.”

Unfortunately, this caused problems, says the magazine.

The tab’s insider alleges, “Kanye freaked, taking it as a personal insult. It’s become a real bone of contention and he just won’t let it go. And the more she backs off, the harder he pushes!”

(By the way… ALL of that came from one single “quote” from the alleged “insider.” Gossip Cop had to break it up to make it more digestible. No one talks like that. It’s a fake quote from a fake source from a magazine that keeps spreading fake stories.)

In any case, none of this ever happened. There was no fight over a tattoo — ‘K’ or otherwise. It’s “false,” a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop.

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