Kim Kardashian Snowblower Shoots Snow Out Her Butt – WATCH VIDEO!

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Kim Kardashian Snow Blower Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Michael Lewittes


Kim Kardashian Snow Blower Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel mocked Kim Kardashian’s butt-baring Paper magazine cover on Thursday’s “Live” with him introducing the “Kim Kardashian Model Snowblower.” For the hilarious segment, the late-night host had his team take a cut out of Kardashian’s nude photo and attach it to a snowblower. It doesn’t take too much of an imagination to guess where Kimmel had the snow shooting out of.

After sending his crew to test out the snowblower on Hollywood Boulevard, Kimmel explained that they had even “imported snow from somewhere.” Unfortunately, shortly after the snow blowing began, the machine got jammed, and one of the show’s staffers hand to put his hand up Kardashian’s butt to unpack the clogged up snow. Kimmel then joked, Hey, don’t loose your wedding ring in there. That would be pretty hard to explain.”

But the fun didn’t stop there. After getting the snowblower to once again properly function, Kimmel noted the machine is a “good way to get your son to shovel the driveway.” He said, “I am planning to give one of these to Kanye [West] for Christmas. The joke will be on us when she makes $10 million selling those everywhere.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, Kardashian tried to break the Internet last week with the release of her naked Paper magazine spread. Check out the hilarious video below from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and tell us what you think! Note: Video no longer available.

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