CLAIM: Kim Kardashian “Manipulated” Sexy Selfies to “Look Thinner”

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By Shari Weiss


“Insta-SHAM! Kim Kardashian’s Butt Selfie Photos ‘Were Manipulated’ To Look Thinner — Experts REVEAL Shocking Proof,” screams RadarOnline.

According to the webloid, “the workout pics she recently posted with BFF Blac Chyna have clearly been ‘manipulated,'” and “the photos themselves are the proof!”

Among those quoted are an “Instagram celebrity” — seriously — and a “video and photo production expert,” who both allege that the shape of the doorways in the photos are unnatural.

And that’s literally all the “proof” the so-called “experts” provide. But speculation doesn’t count as journalism. Kardashian’s slimmed-down figure is the result of hard work, and nothing more. A rep for the star says the new photos are entirely authentic.

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