Kim Kardashian Is Not Removing Ribs To Achieve Hourglass Figure, Despite Claim

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Kim Karadashian Removing Ribs

By Michael Lewittes


Kim Karadashian Removing Ribs

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Kim Kardashian is not removing ribs to achieve an hourglass figure, Gossip Cop can exclusively report. The entirely false claim was first published in the National Enquirer, which has a rich history of printing erroneous stories about the reality star.

According to the supermarket tabloid, Kardashian, who has worn corsets to cinch her waist, is now willing to put her “life and marriage at risk” to undergo the painful procedure. The magazine says she’s been unhappy with the result of corseting and will remove two, possibly even three, ribs to help her achieve a slimmer waist, though Kanye West is “deeply opposed” to it. “The projected six-month recovery period hasn’t deterred” Kardashian either, says the Enquirer.

A so-called Kardashian insider, who also seemingly has a Ph.D in biology, further tells the magazine, “Taking those ribs away leaves your organs, including the pancreas and liver, extremely vulnerable.” The tab’s source adds that Kardashian is foolishly “putting beauty over safety,” and in her “quest for physical perfection” she may lose her husband over it.

Gossip Cop checked in with Kardashian’s rep about the ribs removal story and was exclusively told that the magazine’s report is 100 percent “false.” Kardashian is not having any of her bones taken out to achieve an hourglass figure. Of course, no one should be surprised that the Enquirer is wrong, considering these are the same boneheads who last year claimed Kardashian was faking her pregnancy and more recently reported that she and West are “hooked” on naked yoga sessions.

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