Site Disgustingly Exploits Kim Kardashian Alleged Pregnancy Problems To Pit Her Against Sister Kourtney

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant Problems Kourtney

By Michael Lewittes

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Problems Kourtney


HollywoodLife, a site that has repeatedly shown it has bad sources and/or makes up stories, is now capitalizing in the grossest way possible on an unconfirmed TMZ story that claims Kim Kardashian may not be able to have more kids and that North was a “miracle baby.” Whether it’s true or not, it’s certainly a sensitive subject that should not be exploited by a supposedly female-friendly site like HollywoodLife. Nevertheless, the webloid did just that by creating a story about Kardashian allegedly being “upset” with her sister Kourtney, who has already given birth to three kids.

Using the TMZ story as its springboard, HollywoodLife published a disgusting and seemingly fabricated story that claims Kardashian is “angry” that Kourtney can “easily” get pregnant while she can’t. The webloid pretends to have “exclusive” information when it writes, “Kardashian’s devastating pregnancy struggles are causing some serious family drama.” The site then quotes a seemingly fictitious source, who magically says exactly what the blog is aiming for: “[Kim] has been really mean towards Kourtney. For the last few months, things have been tense and it all comes down to pregnancy… Kourtney basically can blink and have a baby, and now that Kim is having trouble she is extremely jealous and is not hiding her emotions about it to Kourtney.”

Mind you, just two days ago, HollywoodLifes, er, HollywoodLife said Kardashian was spotted leaving an OB/GYN’s office and asked, “Was she getting an ultrasound?” Just 48 hours ago, the webloid thought (though more likely guessed) that Kardashian might already have conceived, because one only gets an ultrasound when one’s already pregnant. And to hedge its bets, in case Kardashian wasn’t pregnant (based on its guessing), a fake source said, “A pregnancy is happening very very soon,” adding that the reality star and Kanye West are in “holiday bliss mode” while trying to have another baby.

Let’s recap: On Wednesday, Kardashian was either pregnant or getting pregnant “very soon” and was in “bliss mode.” And then, following a TMZ report about Kardashian allegedly having problems conceiving, HollywoodLife suddenly learns that the reality star is “terribly upset” with her sister Kourtney because she seemingly didn’t have problems having three kids?

A cynic might say that HollywoodLife rips off other’s reporting and then adds its own fabricated spin to it, like creating family strife between two sisters who have varying abilities to conceive. A layman might just call it a disgusting capitalization on an unconfirmed TMZ report about a sensitive issue. Tell us, what do you think of HollywoodLife’s highly questionable report?

For the record: Sources close to the family do not know of any issues between the two sisters because of either’s ability to conceive.

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