CLAIM: Kim Kardashian Got Pregnant By In Vitro To Speed Up Kris Humphries Divorce

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By Michael Lewittes


Kim Kardashian “got pregnant for $22 million!” blares the cover of Star, which claims the reality star engineered her pregnancy in order to “avoid fraud charges” and ensure she was granted a divorce from Kris Humphries.

The mag says Kardashian is refusing to give Humphries an annulment, and is “seeking a divorce” so that she can “save the estimated $22 million worth of freebies she got from wedding sponsors.”

According to a supposed “insider” for the tabloid, “Getting her marriage annulled is tantamount to admitting it was a sham, and she’s fully aware that it could get her sued by all the brands that donated to make her wedding happen.”

What brands? And where is this $22 million figure coming from? Also, as Kardashian has stated over and over again, if she really defrauded a man into marrying her for publicity… why wouldn’t she pick someone who was more famous?

Anyhow, the so-called “source” goes on to allege that the reality mogul “used Kanye [West] for his sperm,” claiming that Kardashian spent the beginning of her relationship with the rapper “having sex every second of the day.” “Kanye definitely thought it was weird, but he didn’t think too much into it,” adds the purported insider.

However, the magazine says that when Kardashian failed to get pregnant the natural way, “she told him how much she wanted his baby and sweet-talked him into doing in vitro.” No, she didn’t. Kardashian did NOT get pregnant by IVF, a rep for the family confirms to Gossip Cop. This entire story makes ZERO sense.

Baby or no baby, Kardashian will eventually get a divorce from Humphries and will NEVER grant him an annulment because she maintains that their marriage was NOT a fraud. This story is just another desperate attempt to create drama in her pregnancy — much like Star’s previous BOGUS claim that Kardashian was going to have her baby take her last name over West’s. In any case, a Kardashian insider tells Gossip Cop the mag’s latest disjointed jumble of claims is “all nonsense.”

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