Kim Kardashian Nip Slip Faked By HollywoodLife

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Kim Kardashian Nip Slip

By Daniel Gates

Kim Kardashian Nip Slip


Kim Kardashian did not have a nip slip on Wednesday.

HollywoodLife says she did, but that’s because HollywoodLife apparently doesn’t know what nipples look like or where they’re located on the human body.

According to the webloid, while attending a Los Angeles event, Kardashian “totally flashed her nipples!” “Her nipples popped out of her busty look,” claims the site.

“While some people may have been distracted by Kim’s cut-outs below her cleavage, which showed off her tight abs, there’s no way you could have missed her nipples!” shrieks HollywoodLife.

We can’t wait to see these nipples!! Where are they? Wait, HollywoodLife thinks there are nipples showing in that picture? Um… those aren’t nipples. They might be shadows, or tape, or makeup, or any number of other things. But they aren’t nipples. Nipples don’t go there.

That’s why a thousand other outlets didn’t immediately publish “nip slip” stories when Kardashian ventured out on Wednesday — because other outlets tend to be less sleazy and more accurate than HollywoodLife.

Of course, HollywoodLife has been desperate enough to fake “wardrobe malfunctions” in the past, so we’re not entirely surprised.

Kim Kardashian Nip Slip

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Kim Kardashian had a nip slip.

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