Kim Kardashian “Trying To Take” Kanye West’s Fortune Through CRAZY Prenup?!

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By Michael Lewittes

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner are treating the reality star’s eventual marriage to Kanye West “like a business transaction,” reports Star. A so-called “family insider” tells the mag Jenner will be the “main negotiator on Kim’s side” for the couple’s prenuptial agreement, and that she and Kardashian are “trying to take as much of Kanye’s fortune as possible.”

The tabloid says that West is the “top earner of the pair, with $100 million net worth, compared with Kim’s $40 million,” alleging that Kardashian and Jenner are eyeing a big chunk of West’s assets. “Kim and Kris apparently want a $10 million cheating clause in the prenup too, in the event that the marriage ends due to the rapper’s wandering eye,” claims the purported “source.” Star further says that Jenner “wants Kim to get $5 million a year for each year they’re married, plus a $20 million bonus if they last five years.”

So, what does supposedly West want out of the prenup? The magazine’s bogus insider claims the rapper wants a “classy clause” added to the agreement, “which seeks to prevent Kim from doing anything to embarrass him during the marriage or the divorce proceedings.”

Hmm… we wonder how that will be mapped out in legal documents. “Kanye was furious over the recent photo of Kim in a swimsuit that she put on Instagram,” alleges the fake source, who adds, “He thought it was a classless thing for a new mother to do and said it reflected badly on him.”

Oh, is that why he RETWEETED the photo to his 10 million Twitter followers? Please. This story is a complete joke. Kardashian and West’s lawyers are working out a standard prenup that protects both of their fortunes. A source close to Kardashian tells Gossip Cop the tab’s report is absolutely “ridiculous.”

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