Kanye West “Bored Out Of His Mind” with Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Show?

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife, a webloid that prefers frantic, clueless sensationalism to anything resembling reporting, has once again turned its attention to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The site is very concerned about the couple’s time at Couture Week in Paris. “Kim put on a smile to support Kanye at the BET Awards,” writes HollywoodLife, “But Kanye did not return the favor when he was by Kim’s side at Paris Fashion Week.” According to the site, West looked “bored out of his mind” and “less than thrilled to be there!”

“It’s obvious that Kim feels a bit awkward — probably because she could sense that Kanye would rather be elsewhere!” declares HollywoodLife. The webloid whines, “If Kim can play supportive trophy girlfriend for Kanye, he should be able to return the favor!”

HollywoodLife won’t be winning any trophies for this kind of nonsense, when it takes a single photo and tries spinning it into a faux controversy. West, who famously LOVES fashion and was attending fashion shows way before he began dating Kardashian, looks anything but bored and unhappy in the PHOTOS BELOW — none of which HollywoodLife bothered to include in their “coverage” of his trip to Fashion Week.

Maybe HollywoodLife should stick to making up bizarre stories about Kardashian (like her supposedly attacking fans with pizza) and leave the real reporting about her relationship to real adults.




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