MAG: Jessica Simpson “Counseling” Kim Kardashian On Losing Pregnancy Weight

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By Michael Lewittes

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“Jess Helping Kim To Beat The Bulge,” reads the headline of a National Enquirer story that claims Kim Kardashian “turned” to Jessica Simpson for “advice early on in her pregnancy when she realized she was quickly packing on pounds.”

And now, says the supermarket tabloid, the two are “bonding over their new babies and post-pregnancy paunches.” According to a so-called “source” for the magazine, “Kim reached out to Jessica toward the end of her first trimester, just as the weight was exploding,” adding, “Kim sympathized with Jess over all the nasty comments about how huge she got when she was pregnant with Maxie, and Kim thought Jess could help her avoid the same pitfalls.” Nice totally fake quotes to bolster the tab’s phony premise.

Anyway, heaping on more BS, the Enquirer has its “source” say Kardashian and Simpson now chat “several times a day, sharing their tales of woe about their bodily aches and pains, hormonal surges and about how their men were adapting,” and even often “get together at each other’s homes.” The magazine concludes with its supposed “source” saying Simpson has been “counseling Kim to ignore the negativity and just focus on her precious baby.”

There’s one slight problem with the Enquirer story: It’s entirely made up. An impeccable source, who has helped Gossip Cop bust bogus Simpson stories in the Enquirer over and over and over again, tells us the two women have had absolutely “no contact” with each other. Whoops.

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