Kim Kardashian “Jealous” of Kourtney’s Weight Loss, Declares Dumbest Mag Story

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By Daniel Gates


We have a runaway winner for Dumbest Story of the Week. In Touch is reporting that Kim Kardashian is “jealous” of her sister Kourtney’s weight loss. Please take a moment to re-read that last sentence.

“Kim has really struggled with her body. Seeing Kourtney bounce back after having a baby when Kim can’t lose even 10 pounds is rough for her,” a so-called “family insider” tells the tabloid. Uh-huh.

According to “another source” for In Touch, instead of celebrating her sister’s accomplishment, “Kim is upset that someone who just had a baby is in better shape than she is.” Oh, sure. “Since she was a teen, she’s compared her body to Kourtney’s,” explains a third “insider” for the magazine, highlighting “curvy” Kim’s alleged “competitive streak.” Now Kourtney is “bikini-ready again,” and as much as Kim loves her sister, another In Touch source comments, “Of course she’ll be annoyed.”

Wow. In Touch’s blatant fabrication of a weight war between the Kardashian sisters would usually be merely dumb, much like dozens of the magazine’s other false, mean-spirited stories about the family. But now the tabloid’s been caught looking capital-“S” Stupid for starting a bogus body battle days after Kim revealed she’s PREGNANT. Repeat: Kim Kardashian is pregnant. She’s not worried about being “bikini-ready.”

Maybe if even one of In Touch’s four so-called “insiders” had a clue about what’s actually going on, the magazine would have known better than to run its latest lazy “sibling rivalry” story about the sisters’ bodies the week Kim announced she’s pregnant. Once again, the tabloids prove to be a good source of morning sickness.

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