Kim Kardashian Thinks Pregnancy “Ruining” Her Life, Says Magazine

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(Life & Style)

By Daniel Gates

(Life & Style)

Kim Kardashian thinks pregnancy is “ruining” her life, claims Life & Style. The tabloid, which laughable tried to cause a rift between Kardashian and her sister Khloe over weight loss earlier this month, now alleges that the pregnant reality TV star is having full-blown “mommy panic.”

“Kim feels like she’s losing control,” a so-called “friend” tells the magazine. “And Kim always has to be in control of everything. The Life & Style source adds, “It has dawned on Kim that the timing of getting pregnant has been a disaster. Getting pregnant now was a complete mistake.”

With Kanye West off in Paris, says the tab’s tattler, Kardashian “wishes she wasn’t expecting a baby. She’s miserable.” Um… how so, exactly? Well, Life & Style starts with a sidebar detailing how many calories Kardashian is supposedly eating, rehashing the same boring, wrong, obnoxious stories its fellow tabloids have been peddling for weeks about her alleged excessive weight gain.

Then the magazine tries to portray Kardashian’s relationship with West as strained. “She’s paranoid and thinks the reason Kanye is spending time away is because she’s pregnant — that if she weren’t pregnant, things would still be great between them,” explains a tab “insider.”

Tabloids and their online brethren have been pumping out bogus stories about there being trouble with the couple throughout Kardashian’s pregnancy. They’re not true. Life & Style then drags out the hilarious claim that Kardashian’s pregnancy is somehow impoverishing her.

“Being pregnant makes her ineligible for any sort of alcohol endorsement — nobody wants to see a pregnant woman partying at a nightclub and it’s not like she can shoot an ad campaign right now,” another “friend” tells the magazine. “Compared to last year, she’s probably already down at least $2 million.”

So because she’s making fewer personal appearances this year, Kardashian’s “piggy bank’s drained,” as Life & Style puts it? This story about Kim panicking the baby will destroy her career was garbage when the tabloid published it in February, and it’s garbage now. “In some ways, Kim blames the baby for all the things going wrong,” says the tab’s source. Uh-huh.

Here’s what the baby has not affected: “sources” who have been supplying Life & Style with mean-spirited, made up stories about Kardashian and her sisters for years. They’re been “wrong” all along. Maybe Life & Style should stop trusting the same old people who have led it astray — and stop printing the same old rumors that have been debunked. A source close to Kardashian tells Gossip Cop the new cover story is “a joke.”

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