Kim Kardashian “Defying” Kanye West By Dying Hair Back To Brown, Reports Tabloid

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By Michael Lewittes



Kim Kardashian is “defying” Kanye West by “returning to her darker hair color,” reports a completely ludicrous story from Life & Style.

The magazine says the reality star, who recently dyed her hair back to brown, made the change to show West that “she’s done letting him rule her life.”

According to a purported “insider” for the tab, “This was a way for her to regain some power. Kanye loved her hair blond, so the fact that she dyed it without consulting him is a brave move.”

“She has always been crazy about getting Kanye’s approval, but this is her way of standing up to him,” adds the “source.”

Yes, what better why to fight tyranny than by changing one’s hairstyle?

This story is totally absurd. Kardashian dyed her hair because she wanted a change, not because she was trying to prove some abstract point to West. A family insider laughed off the mag’s report to Gossip Cop, calling it a complete “joke.”

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