Tab Invents Kim Kardashian vs. Angelina Jolie “Feud” Over Who’s More Famous

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By Daniel Gates



Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie are in a “celebrity feud,” according to Star.

OK, we’ll bite: What’s behind this alleged fight? Supposedly, Kardashian “was recently overheard telling friends that she’s more famous than Angelina these days, which incited the wrath of the pillow-lipped goddess.” Star’s “insider” reports, “One of Angie’s team members pointed the story out to her, thinking she’d get a good laugh out of it, but she actually got annoyed.”

“Angie works superhard to make an impact on the world with her charity work and everything else she does,” explains the tab’s source. “The last thing she wants is to be compared to someone as shallow as Kim, who just shops and makes public appearances.” The Star insider adds, “She thinks Kim saying these things actually drags down her reputation.” (It’s always amusing to see Star discussing “reputation.”) “It’s ridiculous that Kim would think she’s more famous than Angie,” says the mag’s insider. “Angie says they’re not even in the same league.”

Enough. This is as phony as a celebrity “feud” can get, and that’s saying something. There is no Kardashian-Jolie clash. Angelina Jolie is focused on her children, her busy film schedule and her humanitarian efforts — not whether she’s more “famous” than another celebrity, Kardashian or otherwise. A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop the actress completely ignores the tabloids and certainly doesn’t compare her “fame” to the other people in the mags’ pages. Any reports about a “feud” or rivalry between Jolie and Kardashian is “totally absurd,” we’re told.

Both women are obviously extremely famous and successful in their respective pursuits, which is why tabloids like Star cover them relentlessly. And it’s that need to say something about Kardashian and Jolie every week that leads to bogus non-troversies like this one.

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