CLAIM: Kim Kardashian “Faking Her Pregnancy” For $16 Million Payday

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(National Enquirer)

By Michael Lewittes

(National Enquirer)

“Fat Kim’s ‘FAKE PREGNANCY'” screams a preposterous cover from the National Enquirer, which claims Kim Kardashian may be “faking her pregnancy in a shocking ploy to net a multimillion-dollar payday and to repair her battered image.” Ah, yes, what easier way to make money and fix one’s reputation than to fake a pregnancy.

According to the supermarket tabloid, “Kim’s baby bump seems to change size and position — and sometimes even disappear — as the 32-year-old beauty travels around the country and the globe.” The rag reveals, “A source close to Kim believes the star might have hatched a sensational scheme with her money-hungry momager Kris Jenner to fake her pregnancy while secretly having a surrogate mom carry a baby for her and her lover Kanye West.” Whoa.

The alleged “source” tells the mag, “How convenient is it that Kim got pregnant just as she was making a mad push to wrap up her ongoing divorce from Kris Humhpries?” Um, NOT that “convenient,” actually, as being pregnant and going through a divorce are both pretty stressful. Also, Kardashian’s pregnancy is not speeding up her divorce from Humphries, as wrongly claimed by a number of tabloids.

Anyway, the purported “insider” adds, “It also would be an insane coincidence that Kim just so happened to get pregnant soon after she learned the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Reggie BushLilit Avagyan — is pregnant.” Yes, it’s downright insane that two adult women who are in serious relationships both got pregnant this year. Still, the Enquirer’s so-called “source” goes on to note that Kardashian “could earn a whopping $16 million from the baby product endorsements, a birth special for the E! network and even a post-birth weight-loss deal.”

OK, enough. For starters, Kardashian has already said she will not broadcast her baby’s birth on TV. Also, how on earth is the fact that the reality star could make money from a real pregnancy evidence that she’s “faking” it? That claim makes absolutely ZERO sense. This story is similar to the bizarre conspiracy theory that plagued Beyonce during her pregnancy. Of course, just like that wacky tale, this report is complete nonsense. A Kardashian insider laughed off the crazy rumor to Gossip Cop, telling us it’s “ridiculous.”

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National Enquirer

Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy for a $16 million payday.

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