Kim Kardashian Calls Out Kris Jenner For Dressing Like “Sh*t,” Compares Her To Amish People — SEE PHOTOS HERE

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Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Outfits

By Shari Weiss


Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Outfits

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Kim Kardashian thinks her mom Kris Jenner dresses like “sh*t,” and told her so in a recent email. The missive has gone public, as Jenner posted it on (where else?) Instagram this week for everyone to see, though we’re not sure if it makes her or Kardashian look worse. Check out the pictures below.

Kardashian’s note was sent on December 10, same day Jenner attended The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast wearing a prim and modest black dress with a white collar. (See photo below.) Apparently the look did not sit well with Kardashian, who emailed her mother, “I love u mom but no more pilgrim adams family outfits. You have exhausted this look. Move on. We need chic, tights dresses not this omish sh*t anymore [sic].”

Jenner wrote in her Instagram caption when she posted the email online, “After spending an amazing morning at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, and while I was in my car and hadn’t even gotten home yet, my LOVELY daughter @kimkardashian sent me this delightful email after she apparently saw my picture online…so I wanted to share with you her special holiday cheer. #ithoughtilookedfab #cantdoanythingrightlol.”

But the Kardashian matriarch seemed to have gotten the message loud and clear, as she was dressed quite differently at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball the next day. Posing on the red carpet with Kardashian by her side, Jenner wore a lacy top that flaunted her cleavage. (See photo above.)

Kardashian has not responded to Jenner sharing her email with the world, but seemed to have her own wardrobe issues this weekend, when she shared a picture of her messy closet (though North appeared to be quite happy playing around in it). “Yesterday…trying to pick out an outfit struggle,” wrote the star. Check out the pics below, and tell us what you think of the momager-daughter looks.


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