Kim Kardashian “Dumped at 200 Pounds”?

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Kim Kardashian is 200 pounds and has been “dumped” by Kanye West, according to In Touch. The tabloid, which has been publishing similar fabrications about the reality star throughout her pregnancy, now says Kardashian is “binge-eating” and “heartbroken.”

“She’s eating her feelings,” one “insider” informs the magazine. “She’s telling friends that she’s miserable in her relationship with Kanye because he’s deserted her.” The In Touch source adds, “She knows she’s probably going to end up being a single mom. No wonder she’s packing on the pounds.”

Huh? How has West “deserted” Kardashian, according to the mag? In Touch claims the rapper is “gravitating toward recording artist Iggy Azalea.” The tabloid notes, “The Internet has lit up with speculation that Kanye has more than a professional interest in the ‘Work’ singer, with one fan claiming that the sexy blonde was spotted cuddling up to the 35-year-old at a VIP section of a Paris nightclub in late March.”

Wait a minute. A fan on the Internet made a random, unsubstantiated claim about West and Azalea — and that was enough proof for In Touch to run with it as a cover story? The mag seems confident that the “rumors like this are only pushing Kim closer to the edge.” “She’s incredibly stressed and has even started to wonder if Kanye’s cheating,” claims the family insider.

Oh, so the cover story is total b.s. Kardashian hasn’t been “dumped.” And she’s nowhere near 200 pounds. It’s just another example of In Touch bullying the Kardashians with completely made-up allegations. Maybe the tab should dump its “sources.”

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