Kim Kardashian Acted Like A “Diva” During Vogue Shoot?

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By Michael Lewittes


Kim Kardashian acted like a “diva” during her and Kanye West’s Vogue shoot, claims Star.

According to a so-called “insider” for the tabloid, Kardashian “showed up late,” and “had the nerve to make her own rules for everyone on set, demanding that no one stare at her.”

The magazine adds that when editor Anna Wintour wasn’t within earshot, Kardashian’s “diva” behavior also included “constant complaining.”

To fill out the story, Star has its bogus source say, “Kim behaved like someone who was in high demand when she actually had to beg for the cover,” and Wintour “would never allow a reality star to be on the cover,” but made an “exception this time because Kanye agreed to be in the shots.”

OK, Wintour herself has said rumors like that were not true. Anyway, Star seems to want to spin “diva” stories this week, regardless of their accuracy. Gossip Cop hears from an impeccable Vogue source that that is NOT what happened at all. Kardashian was NOT a “diva.”

Oh, and Wintour, despite the mag’s phony narrative, was NOT even at the shoot. Whoops In reality, Kardashian was — and has been — nothing but grateful and “honored” to be on the cover.


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