Kim Kardashian Slammed For Cropping North Out Of Instagram Photo (PICS)

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Kim Kardashian Selfie With North Cropped

By Shari Weiss


Kim Kardashian Selfie With North Cropped


Kim Kardashian is getting slammed on social media for cropping daughter North West out of an Instagram photo. See pics below.

Late Sunday, the reality star posted an off-center picture, seen at right and below, that included Kardashian’s entire face and a lot of the black wall she was standing next to. But on the left side, there was a sliver of 18-month-old North, with the rest of the tot’s face bizarrely out of the frame. The photo presumably wasn’t taken that way, but cut digitally to focus exclusively on Kardashian.

And that’s not sitting well with some people. One person commented on Instagram, “She cropped out her kid! That’s insane! Did she think no one would notice???” Another wrote, “selfie taken too far when you crop out your own baby lol.” And one follower simply said, “Damn that’s f*cked up.” “What kind of parent crops their own child out of a photo?” asked a different commenter

Of course, there are likely explanations for Kardashian’s decision. For one, the star regularly posts close-up photos of her body and face, as she likes to showcase her outfits and makeup when she’s all dressed up for something. Two, prior to posting the pic in question, Kardashian had shared not one, not two, but three other snapshots that showcased North. It’s not as if Kardashian randomly sat down at the computer and the only photo she chose to post was one in which her daughter is nearly out of the frame.

Kardashian spent Sunday night at “Disney On Ice,” taking North, as well as her birthday boy nephew Mason and his sister Penelope, hours after their mom Kourtney had given birth to a baby boy. Joined by other pals with kids, Kardashian even noted in a group photo, “This was an adventure! Try getting 5 kids to look and smile.” Indeed, North was neither looking nor smiling, and it could be as simple a reason as that behind Kardashian’s decision not to feature North in the fourth picture that’s raising eyebrows. In fact, one supporter even commented, “Maybe north was makin a weird face! U guys r a**holes.”

To recap: Kardashian posted several pictures of North, and yet is being criticized for the one picture in which the toddler can hardly be seen. Check out all the photos below, and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: Kardashian has since taken to Twitter to respond to the backlash, writing, “Wait is this really news that I posted a selfie & cropped my daughter out? LOL.” She went on, “Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!”


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