Kim Kardashian “Breaks Down” After Baby’s Birth, Claims Tabloid

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(In Touch)

By Michael Lewittes

(In Touch)

“Kim Breaks Down: I Can’t Do This Alone,” blares the cover of In Touch, which claims Kim Kardashian has been miserable and “lonely” since she gave birth to her and Kanye Wests baby girl on Saturday.

How come? Is it because she thinks West is “gay,” as the publication FALSELY declared last month? Oh, no — the tabloid doesn’t even mention its previous BOGUS report. Anyhow, a supposed “insider” tells the mag that Kardashian “loves that baby girl so much, but she had no idea that the birth and everything that comes along after that would be so tiring.”

Yes, she thought it was going to be as relaxing and carefree as a day at the spa! Please. Anyway, In Touch goes on to allege that Kardashian is also in meltdown mode because West “barely made it to the birth in the first place.”

The purported “friend” says, “Everyone’s worried he won’t be loyal to his word to be there for her now that the baby’s arrived.” And a so-called “source” for West claims, “Kanye’s entire focus is on his new album right now,” adding, “He’ll do anything to ensure its success. Kim and the baby are not his priority.” Ah, yes, is that why he’s been staying in the hospital with Kardashian since she welcomed their daughter this weekend?

Enough. This story is nothing but a pathetic attempt for the tabloid to cover itself after it WRONGLY reported West had refused to be present for Kardashian’s labor. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a Kardashian family insider, who tells us the reality star and West are “so happy” since they welcomed their new baby.

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