Kim Kardashian Eating Out of Control For Profit, Claims Star

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By Daniel Gates


This week, Star magazine puts Kim Kardashian on its cover with the line, “I’ll Eat As Much As I Want!” The tabloid claims the reality star is ignoring “dire health warnings” and “getting paid to binge on junk food.” In other words: Star couldn’t manage to come up with real news this week.

Instead, it’s choosing to rehash old, disgusting, previously debunked tabloid stories that portray Kardashian as some kind of food-vacuuming monster who doesn’t care about her health or her baby’s. Star claims Kardashian is “so focused on turning her pregnancy into profits,” she’s gaining as much weight as possible to attract attention.

“Once she realized that she could profit off her body looking like this, all bets were off,” a so-called insider tells the tabloid, which has been falsely accusing Kardashian of dangerous behavior throughout her pregnancy. In fact, it’s been Star — not Kardashian herself — that’s been fixated on her pregnancy appearance, publishing bogus weight gain stories that bear as little resemblance to the real world as its fake allegation that she got in vitro fertilization for $22 million.

Star’s off-base coverage continues here, with the claim that Kardashian is defiantly stuffing herself in order to make bank from an eventual weight-loss deal. “Whenever people criticize her weight, she’d just eat more,” a so-called “friend” tells the tab. “She will deliberately go out and find the worst possible food and binge on it. She hasn’t had anything nutritious in weeks — it’s all junk!” So are Star’s sources.

The magazine has struck out again, unable to produce any evidence whatsoever to support its expert’s allegation that Kardashian has hit the 200-pound mark. And the more Star hammers away at the pregnant Kardashian, the clearer it becomes whose motivations are actually unhealthy. A source close to the reality star tells Gossip Cop the mag’s latest claims are “absolutely not true.”

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