Kardashians Try to Make Peace Following Disastrous “Intervention” on KUWTK


By Shari Weiss



The drama caused by the Kardashian “family intervention” — as seen on last week’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — didn’t end when a sobbing Rob Kardashian stormed out of the room.

On Sunday’s new episode, sister Khloe and the therapist went off to comfort Rob, the self-described “loser” of the family, as his emotional meltdown continued, while Kris, Kim and Kourtney struggled to process what had just happened.

“I like it when he gets vulnerable,” said Kris, “because he needs to let those walls down.”

She soon broke down herself, admitting that Rob seems “sad all the time,” and she “can’t do anything about it.

Kim, however, wasn’t too sympathetic, telling Rob that she is the type to “hustle and do it on my own,” and implying that he should be the same way.

But she also admitted — through tears — that their mom doesn’t “know how to raise a son that well.”

“She does what she can with the girls,” Kim said. “That’s her thing.”

Robert Kardashian Sr. died of cancer in 2003, a subject that added more tension to the therapy session, particularly when Kim said she didn’t remember Khloe helping out at his law firm, and went on to accuse her of “lying about little things all the time to invalidate other people.”

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After the “very emotional” session ended, the sisters played nice during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — but the issues between them still lurked beneath the surface.

Things worsened when Khloe and Rob chose not to respond to an “apology” email sent by Kim, which they believed wasn’t sent “from the heart.”

“I was trying to do therapy thinking it would make everyone happy, but I feel like it kind of backfired,” Khloe admitted.

When Kim complained to Kris about the lack of response to her email, her mom pointed out that her siblings might “take offense” to her trying to work things out via the Internet.

“These are things you talk about in person,” Kris stressed.

Kim, however, disagreed, believing the others were just being “stubborn.”

Still, Kim later took her mother’s advice, and told Khloe and Rob face-to-face how hurt she was that they didn’t response to her note.

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She also apologized “for being rude and just pretty much for being a bitch.”

The reality starlet went on to try to make up for her behavior, discussing with Kris how she can help Rob with his fashion line ambitions, and spending time with Khloe and her husband Lamar Odom in New York.

But when Rob showed up in sweats for the very first fashion meeting, Scott Disick accused him of not caring or taking it seriously.

Though Rob insisted he wasn’t feeling well, Disick suggested he was being hypocritical for “crying… about not getting opportunities” and then showing up to a meeting looking unprofessional.

Despite Rob’s attire, the meeting went well, and Kim felt much closer to Khloe and Lamar after their travels.

In fact, the family drama seemed (relatively) resolved until… the previews for next week!

Check out video of Rob and Khloe reacting to Kim’s email below!

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