Kim Kardashian Only Eats “600 Calories A Day”?

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By Michael Lewittes

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Kim Kardashian is on a “dangerous diet,” reports OK!, which claims the reality star is only eating “600 calories a day.” The magazine alleges Kardashian’s current diet “revolves around steamed veggies doused in zero-calorie flavor spray, and Diet Coke.” A supposed “source” tells the tabloid, “Boy, is she irritable,” noting, “Everyone thought she had a case of the post-baby blues because she rarely smiles these days, but it’s because she’s hardly eating.”

The purported “insider” says Kardashian won’t even eat carrots, because they “contain too much sugar.” “She’s sticking to only green vegetables, because they have more fiber, so her body will absorb less calories,” claims the pal. The mag’s insider goes on to allege that Kardashian recently “went crazy” on Kanye West “when he opened a package of cookies in front of her.”

“She started screaming about how he was trying to undermine her, and then she actually grabbed the cookies and threw them in the trash,” shares the fake source. Wow, this “insider” must be very tight with Kardashian and West to be present for such a private scene. Either that or the “source” is completely made up. Well, Gossip Cop checked in with a close Kardashian friend, who tells us the magazine’s story is absolutely false.

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Kim Kardashian only eats 600 calories a day.

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