Kim Kardashian Spending $1 Million On Baby’s Birth?

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By Daniel Gates


Kim Kardashian is planning a $1 million “diva delivery” — according to the same publication that recently claimed she was “faking” her entire pregnancy. Yes, the National Enquirer is at it again, pushing an absolutely ridiculous story that both defies logic and contradicts its previous ridiculous stories.

According to the tabloid, Kardashian is “splurging like crazy” on the upcoming birth of her baby, and an Enquirer “source” claims the tab “may top one MILLION dollars!” “This is not going to be just any delivery, even by celebrity standards,” explains an insider for the mag. “Kim has already spent tens of thousands of dollars to make sure things go down without a glitch.” Uh-huh. And, um, what are these alleged costs?

The Enquirer says Kardashian and Kanye West shelled out $25,000 on lingerie because she “had no intention of wearing a plain old hospital gown that’s been worn by other women.” What else? Well, the deluxe birthing suite where Kardashian and West will welcome their child will supposedly run the couple $4,000 per day, insists the Enquirer, which adds that she’s “spending thousands to have the suite blanketed in dozens of white roses.” Then there’s the $1,000-per-day photographer, the $1,500-per-day hairdresser, the “small fortune on organic clothes and sheet sets for the baby,” and other expenses that the tabloid essentially pulled from thin air.

But the biggest purchase of all, the Enquirer guesses, will be Kardashian’s “push present” from West, which “may send the total cost into the seven-figure range.” “Kanye better have done his shopping,” says the tab’s source, who has NO IDEA what gift West intends to buy Kardashian, but points out the pricey bling stars like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez received.

In other words, this entire “$1 million” story is a figment of the magazine’s imagination. And considering its dreadful track record with Kardashian’s pregnancy, don’t expect reality to match what the Enquirer is saying. A source close to the pregnant star tells Gossip Cop the tabloid report is “way off base.”

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