Kim Jong-un “Bans” One Direction Unless They Cut Hair in April Fools’ Mirror Story

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(The Mirror)

By Michael Lewittes

(The Mirror)

Kim Jong-un BANS One Direction from entering North Korea — unless they get their hair cut,” reads the headline of a story on Tuesday from the Mirror.

Noting how the dictator recently ordered male students in North Korea to get the same haircut as him, the British tab quotes a source as saying, “It might not be a voluminous as Harry Styles’ famous curls but Jong-Un doesn’t want his men to look like Marilyn Monroe.” “There is no way One Direction will be allowed to play here without a trip to the barbers,” adds the paper’s source.

Additionally, the Mirror says, “To challenge 1D’s position as the world’s number one boyband, the despot will launch an X Factor-style competition show to find his own band – dubbed Un Direction,” and the band members will be “taught appropriate military style poptastic dance moves.”

Of course, the story is one big giant APRIL FOOL’S DAY joke! What’s a little scary, though, is that a few outlets actually regurgitated the story, without knowing or acknowledging the paper’s prank. Well played, Mirror.

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