Kid Rock Slams Beyonce In Interview, Her Fans React With Death Threats

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Kid Rock Beyonce

By Minyvonne Burke

Kid Rock Beyonce

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Kid Rock says he’s “flabbergasted” Beyonce has such a large following because she “doesn’t have a f*cking ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth.” Beyonce’s fervent fans, however, don’t agree with the country rocker, and have sent Rock death threats and other harshly worded messages.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rock further says of Beyonce, “How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll.” He’s also puzzled about why everyone seems to be so obsessed with her body. “People are like, ‘Beyonce’s hot. Got a nice f*cking a**.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t*ts.’ Doesn’t really f*cking do much for me.”

Not long after the article was published, fans of Beyonce lit up Twitter and Instagram with varying threats of physical violence against Rock. “I HOPE KID ROCK MOM GETS GANG RAPED AND CATCHES AIDS AND DIES,” one Beyonce fan wrote on Twitter. “Beyhive is waiting for u at the door,” commented another Beyonce supporter on an Instram picture of Rock at the NBC Studios.

Some Beyonce followers were less threatening and simply posted hundreds of bee emojis on Rock’s Instagram photos to signal that they’re members of her “Beyhive.” What do you think of Kid Rock’s comments about Beyonce, and how her fans then reacted?

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