TAB: Khloe Kardashian “Obsessed” With Losing Weight, Taking Diet “Too Far”

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By Michael Lewittes

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“Khloe’s Body Obsession: Is She Going Too Far?” blares a headline from In Touch, which speculates that Khloe Kardashians recent weight loss may be unhealthy. How so?

According to the mag, the reality star has “become hell-bent on improving herself from head to manicured toe — and those in her inner circle fear she’s going over the top.” A supposed “insider” tells the tab, “Now that she’s put her fertility treatments on the back burner and doesn’t have to worry about being bloated from hormones, she’s focusing all her energy on her appearance.”

The purported “friend” reveals, “Khloe has already lost around 20 pounds, and she says she wants to lose another 15. She is obsessed.” In Touch’s so-called “source” goes on to allege that Kardashian is also “using fillers and Botox.” Um, no she hasn’t. A Kardashian rep says it’s NOT TRUE that the former “X Factor” host is using either treatment.

Anyway, the tabloid’s fake friend further claims, “Now that she sees how she can be hot and pretty, that’s not enough,” adding, “She wants to be the hottest and prettiest, no matter what.” Uh-huh. Here’s what’s really going on in this story. Kardashian is on an workout kick, which she initally started to help her brother Rob get fit, and she’s feeling happy and healthy.

Of course, that’s just not dramatic enough for In Touch, which has shamefully claimed the star wasn’t a Kardashian and was jealous of Kim’s pregnancy, so the mag decided to publish this sensationalized tale and discredit the hard work Kardashian has done to get in shape. Kardashian herself fought back at the nonsense on Twitter on Wednesday, writing, “People LOVE to hate. I have worked really hard to be healthy and I am proud of my body! Its all ME! I did it the healthy LONG way #Proud.”

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