Khloe Kardashian Reacts to Lamar Odom’s Near-Trade: “I Would Go Anywhere”


By Daniel Gates


The world held its breath last night as Lamar Odom‘s future hung in the balance. Ultimately, the Los Angeles Lakers did not trade Mr. Khloe Kardashian to New Orleans as part of a deal for Chris Paul.

Both Odom and Kardashian dealt with the roller coaster as his name (and nickname “Lam Lam”) trended for hours on Twitter. When news first broke that the NBA had nixed the trade, Kardashian retweeted a follower’s message: “Its been confirmed, the deal is off. I pray @RealLamarOdom stays a Laker. Its messed up how they tried to trade him though, hes a beast!!”

Kardashian herself wrote, “I love you Lamar!!!!! There’s NO one like you! I’m so proud to be your wife :)” When someone suggested she was “scared” about going to New Orleans, she replied, “Not at all! I would go anywhere with my hubby!” She added, “I ride or die for my Lam! Its where I go… Its who I am with :)… I can survive anywhere… People are acting cray! LOL New Orleans is a great place. As long as I’m with Lam I’m good #bible.”

Meanwhile, Odom was dealing with the night’s confusion on his own Twitter account. “When a team trades u and it doesn’t go down? Now what?” he wrote. Later, he tweeted, “I want 2 shout out 2 every1 who shows love! I 4 got there was so many haters! I open the door and b4 I can even wipe my feet on the doormat.” Odom added, “Im just going 2 stay positive and say thank u! The positive energy is what I live for and the negative energy I will just continue 2 eat!”

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