TAB: Khloe Kardashian Pregnant Amid “Cheating Scandal” With The Game

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By Michael Lewittes


“Khloe’s Pregnancy Shocker: Who’s The Father?” blares a cover from OK!, which claims Khloe Kardahian is expecting a baby amid her supposed “cheating scandal” with The Game. Even though Gossip Cop, Kardashian and The Game blasted the BOGUS affair rumors last week, the magazine says the controversy “shows no signs of abating.” Yes — no signs of abating in the pages of OK!

Anyway, the tab quotes a so-called “family insider” as saying, “After three years of trying, she and Lamar [Odom] are ready to welcome a new Kardashian into the world.” The purported “source” notes, “In fact, several of her friends are convinced she is nearly eight weeks pregnant.” OK, so “friends” are saying Kardashian is pregnant, but the alleged “family insider” doesn’t know any firsthand news about the star’s supposed baby?

Regardless, the tab’s “source” goes on to note, “All the signs are there. Khloe’s been doing everything by the book. She’s been taking all the right vitamins and folic acid, exercising regularly.” Now that’s some concrete evidence right there. Still, the mag’s spy says Kardashian’s alleged pregnancy “isn’t all roses and lollipops” due to the “the flap” over her suspected relationship with The Game. “She’s got her sisters and brother talking to Lamar to convince him the accusations are total lies,” says the “insider.” Oh, that’s rich.

OK!’s sister publication, Star, makes up a fake affair between Kardashian and The Game, and then OK! has an equally fabricated “insider” say the family’s trying to convince Odom the “accusations are total lies.” Despite OK!’s best efforts to rehash this “cheating scandal” between Kardashian and The Game and throw a pregnancy in there for good measure, the FALSE rumor is already dead and buried. Not only that, but no one even believed the BOGUS infidelity story in the first place. These tabs are manufacturing “total lies.” In any case, Gossip Cop checked in with a Kardashian insider, who calls the tab’s tale simply “ridiculous.”

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