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CLAIM: Khloe Kardashian Had Miscarriage

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By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Somehow, In Touch magazine just sunk lower.

The tabloid’s new cover story falsely claims Khloe Kardashian suffered a miscarriage in February.

In Touch alleges that the “baby heartbreak” left the reality star “devastated,” as she and Lamar Odom continue to struggle to have a baby.

A so-called “insider” for the magazine says Kardashian has endured multiple miscarriages and “has so many sad days.”

The stress has allegedly “taken its toll” on her “once-happy marriage,” claims In Touch, and a “pal” tells the tabloid, “She’s scared that if she doesn’t give Lamar a baby, then he will leave her.”

“Once a strong shoulder for her unlucky-in-love sisters Kim and Kourtney, Khloe is now the one who’s in trouble,” writes In Touch.

Actually, the magazine must be in “trouble.”

That’s the only explanation for why a facts-challeged tabloid that routinely reports false stories would become desperate enough to invent a miscarriage — and then splash the fabrication all over its cover.

It’s gross.

“There’s no truth” to the story, a rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop.

In Touch has already demonstrated how out of touch it is with Khloe and her sisters.

Now, by exploiting a fake miscarriage, the mag may have hit a new low.


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