Tab Makes Up Khloe Kardashian Controversy About Lamar Odom Kids’ Graduations

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(New York Daily News)

By Michael Lewittes

(New York Daily News)

The New York Daily News reports that “parents are shaking their heads over the stunt” Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom “pulled” when his “daughter and son graduated from their respective public schools” last week in New York.

On Wednesday, Odom’s 13-year-old daughter Destiny graduated from her public school, and initially the girl’s mom Liza Morales invited Kardashian to the ceremony, writes the paper, but “had to rescind the offer when, a few weeks before the big day, the school limited tickets to three per family.”

“That left a ticket for Odom, Morales and Destiny’s grandmother — but not Kardashian,” notes the Daily News. The tab claims, “Khloe was determined to attend” the graduation, and reports that even though Morales told Kardashian the school refused to give her an extra ticket, “on the day of the graduation, Khloe showed up anyway and they let her inside.”

The Daily News also takes great pains to mention that Kardashian and Odom were “photographed walking hand-in-hand to the graduation ceremony.” But that’s not all. After stating that “Odom’s 10-year-old son L.J. graduated from the same school’s fifth grade on Thursday,” the paper quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “What was sad was that… he didn’t even show up for his son,” adding that the basketball player and Kardashian “got their photo-op the day before and then he couldn’t be bothered.”

“It was beyond hurtful,” says the Daily News’ supposed “insider,” who offers that other parents “couldn’t believe it.”

What one really can’t believe is the newspaper’s account, which is riddled with WRONG information, including that Odom and Morales used to be engaged. They were NEVER engaged. Regardless, while it’s true the school only offered three tickets to Destiny’s graduation, Morales did NOT tell Kardashian that a “few weeks before.” In fact, she took away Kardashian’s ticket the day before graduation.

And Gossip Cop has confirmed the school NEVER said “no” to a request for another ticket, and when Odom called the school, it was more than happy to give him an extra ticket for Kardashian, who his kids love and wanted to be there. Also, all insinuations that their attendance was a “photo-op” are absurd. Everywhere Kardashian goes she’s followed by the press. But perhaps the most egregiously inaccurate part of the Daily News story is that Odom “didn’t even show up” for his son’s graduation. The proud father was there, and even brought his brother-in-law Rob Kardashian to the ceremony.

On the subject of graduations, looks like Gossip Cop just schooled the Daily News on how to fact-check.

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