CLAIM: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Marriage “In Jeopardy” Over Baby Struggle

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By Michael Lewittes


“Khloe & Lamar’s Secret Break,” reads a headline from In Touch, which alleges that Lamar Odom recently walked out on Khloe Kardashian after they had a “huge fight,” and now the pair’s marriage is supposedly “in jeopardy.” A so-called “insider” for the tab says, “He told her he needed some time apart, so he left and went to the loft he keeps in downtown L.A.”

And Kardashian was supposedly “so upset” about the argument that she “flew to Florida to be with her sister.” So, what are they allegedly fighting over? The source claims, “He’s mad because their fertility issues were aired on the show [“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”] after he specifically told her he didn’t want the media attention when he’s trying to focus on his basketball career.” Uh, then why did he openly discuss Kardashian’s struggle to conceive on numerous episodes of the reality series? That makes ZERO sense.

Anyway, the mag’s purported “insider” notes, “He loves her but says he hates the whole process of her trying to get pregnant,” adding, “He does not want to talk about it anymore.” Again: Then why was he OK with being filmed talking about her fertility issues on the reality show?! Let’s take a moment to recap all of the facts that In Touch gets wrong in its story.

1. Odom did NOT walk out on Kardashian — that never happened.

2. She visited her sisters in Florida to film “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” — not because she was “upset” over a supposed fight with her husband.

3. Odom is not angry about Kardashian’s baby struggles being aired on TV because he was aware they were being filmed.

This story is simply a weak attempt to create drama over Kardashian’s struggle to get pregnant — which is stressful enough for the couple without the added nonsense from the tabloid media. Regardless, a Kardashian family rep says the couple is NOT fighting. In fact, Odom and Kardashian are happily celebrating their third wedding anniversary on Thursday. On Wednesday night, the reality star tweeted a photo (below) of the number “3” crafted out of rose petals on the pair’s bed, along with a pic of two champagne flutes. Oops.



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