Khloe Kardashian: I’m NOT Kicking Rob Out Of House! Rumors Are “Bullsh*t!”

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Khloe Kicking Rob Out

By Daniel Gates

Khloe Kicking Rob Out

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Khloe Kardashian is not kicking her brother Rob out of her house. The story was fabricated by Star, and then picked up and spread by facts-challenged outlets including RadarOnline and HollywoodLife. On Saturday, Khloe set the record straight.

The original tabloid report cited a “source” who claimed the reality TV star was supposedly “fed up with Rob and his lazy, mooching ways. He hasn’t made any attempt at getting work, going to therapy, getting help or giving up drugs.” In its mean-spirited article about Rob’s depression and struggles, Star alleged that Khloe was desperate to boot him from her home. According to the outlet, Khloe purportedly told Kris Jenner she might seek to have him legally evicted.

On Saturday, a fan tweeted, “@khloekardashian kicking Rob out of your house?! You and your sisters are disgusting! He needs help and you’re not there for him!” Kardashian responded bluntly.

“No I’m not kicking rob out of my house but thanks for your sweet tweet. Jesus. F*cking ask before you start verbally attacking,” she wrote the person, later adding, “One of the best things about my house is that my brother lives with me. I would never kick him out.”

Kardashian continued, “I’ve begged for him to live with me. So until HE wants to leave…this is his home. #ByeHaters #StopWithTheBS.” She told the original fan, “I find it sad you believe bullsh*t.” There you have it. Another dud from Star.

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