Khloe Kardashian: I Have No Regrets

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By Daniel Gates


Khloe Kardashian opens up about haters, having kids, and what her famous family is like behind closed doors in a new Cosmopolitan cover interview.

The reality TV star, whose mom Kris Jenner is beside her for the chat, says that the close-knit Kardashian clan “makes me a better person.”

“We live in the public eye, so if one of us makes a mistake, it affects everyone, which makes me think about what I’m doing in life more,” explains Kardashian. “I have such a great support system here. We’re so judged when we leave these walls that we try to never do that to one another here.”

What would she like the public to know about her private life?

Kardashian reflects, “Your life is meant for you to understand and process, not to make anyone else happy.”

As an example, she points to her sister’s rough experience with the media.

Kim was so thrashed for her marriage and it not working out,” recalls Kardashian. “If she wasn’t happy it took guts to say, ‘You know what? I can’t do this anymore.’ But you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”

She continues, “People hate us for showing stuff and they hate us when we say, ‘Fine, we won’t show it anymore.’ I don’t have any regrets. I wouldn’t change a thing. You learn as you go.”

Kardashian is asked to describe the relationship with Jenner that viewers don’t see on camera.

“I’m so blunt that people think you and I don’t get along,” she tells her mother. “But when I’m talking to you like that, I’m speaking to my manager, not my mom. Kim tiptoes around you, but I’m very harsh.”

Kardashian adds, “I would never choose the role of Momager. Just the sh*t we put you through… I will cuss you out, then late at night think, I was so mean to my mom. If I was in your position, I’d say, ‘F*ck you guys! I birthed you!’ It’s probably why you drink.”

Jenner asks Kardashian to share her feelings on Jenner’s separation from husband Bruce.

“There was no scandal. There was no bad blood. You’re just happier apart,” says Kardashian. “You are nicer to each other now. You get excited to see each other at dinners. It makes me sad that people think Bruce is no longer a part of my life. I talk to him every day! I consider him my second father.”

Would Kardashian like to have children of her own one day?

“I love kids,” she tells the magazine. “I hope and pray I have kids when the time is right.”

What do you think about Kardashian’s comments to Cosmo?

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