Khloe Kardashian Turns 30: See Kraziest Rumors Busted About The Birthday Girl

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By Shari Weiss

khloe kardashian rumors

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Khloe Kardashian turns 30 on Friday, and Gossip Cop is honored to have corrected countless rumors about the star over the last several years. Among the doozies to come across our desk were bogus stories claiming Khloe actually threw pizza at fans, was “snotty” at a charity event, and had liposuction and a nose job. All of those claims, not surprisingly, were 100 percent untrue.

One magazine even tried to falsely allege that Khloe and sister Kim weren’t speaking, and that publication is now out of business. Another outlet ridiculously declared that Khloe’s weight loss was driving Kim to “binge eat,” with the two supposedly at “war” over who’s “hotter.”

Khloe was never blading, had no intention of posing for Playboy, and didn’t go to rehab. And, oh yeah, her butt is REAL. Of course, there’s also the old tabloid favorite about Kardashian’s supposed “real” father, which she and Kylie Jenner memorably mocked back in 2012 and again earlier this year on “Chelsea Lately.” And just this week, there was a fabricated cover story claiming Khloe was pregnant.

Not to mention all the off-base dating rumors (about Rick Ross, Drake, Baron Davis, The Game, Matt Kemp), TV show rumors, and even “secret sister” rumors. And we can’t forget about the ever-sill “momager” claims. It’s all pretty krazy. Admirably, Khloe has stuck up for herself and her family on numerous occasions. Gossip Cop sincerely hopes Khloe gets to enjoy a gossip-free day, and we’ll be here to separate fact from fiction for the birthday girl for years to come.

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