Kevin Spacey: My Private Life Is Private

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(The Hollywood Reporter)

By Daniel Gates

(The Hollywood Reporter)

Kevin Spacey, unlike many celebrities, actually keeps his private life private. The “House of Cards” actor has been particularly tight-lipped since an infamous 1997 Esquire article implied that he is gay; at the time, the star’s agency called the outlet’s treatment “deceptive and fraudulent.”

In a new cover profile for The Hollywood Reporter, the writer notes that Spacey’s “affable demeanor shuts off the moment he is asked about” his private life.

Spacey says simply, “Let’s let people live their lives and do it the way they want to do it. All the chips will fall in the end, and we’ll all be judged by a much higher power than Entertainment Weekly can.” He is able to avoid some of the Hollywood spotlight because he relocated to the U.K. more than a decade ago.

“People thought I was crazy 11 years ago when I moved to London and started a theater company,” the actor tells THR. “What is he doing? He’s out of his mind. People thought we were crazy when we made the Netflix deal for House of Cards. ‘They’re out of their minds, it’ll never work.’ I’m used to people thinking I’m nuts. And you know what? I kind of love it.” It’s kind of refreshing to see a star refusing to give into the gossip game.

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