Kevin Hart, David Beckham H&M Video: Watch Hilarious Full Commercial!

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Kevin Hart David Beckham H&M

By Andrew Shuster


Kevin Hart David Beckham H&M


Kevin Hart and David Beckham team up for a hilarious H&M advertisement in which the comedian moves in with the soccer player in preparation for playing him in an upcoming biopic. Watch the funny commercial below!

The short film is part of H&M’s campaign for its new clothing collection, “Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham.” In the ad, the soccer star is informed that Hart is auditioning to portray him in the film I, Beckham, which tells the athlete’s life story. Hart is a very method actor, to say the least, and decides that he must shadow Beckham’s every move if he’s going to win the role.

“If I pull this off, this is the one that people will talk about for ages,” Hart tells a reluctant Beckham, who sarcastically responds, “People are gonna talk about this for sure.” Some of the activities that the two mismatched men participate in together include joint photo shoots, working out in the gym, taking ice baths, and enjoying morning cups of tea. But things get a bit weird when Hart takes his training to the next level by using Beckham’s toothbrush, laying in bed with him, and even trying to convince the soccer player’s mom that she’s speaking with her son on the phone.

Watch the full video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think!

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