Kerry Washington: I Wore “Some Makeup” For My “No Makeup” Allure Cover (VIDEO)

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Kerry Washington The View Allure cover Scandal

By Michael Lewittes


Kerry Washington The View Allure cover Scandal


Kerry Washington revealed the truth about her “makeup-free” Allure cover shoot on Monday’s “The View,” acknowledging that she actually did have “some makeup on.”

While the magazine never said Washington had gone au naturel for the November issue, many outlets reported that she had, in fact, posed without makeup. After co-host Rosie Perez gushed about how “brave” Washington was for baring her face on the cover, the “Scandal” interjected, “I do have some makeup on.” She added, “I want to be honest because I think it is unfair when we tell women they should look like something that is not real. So I do have some makeup on. Just enough.”

Wanting to always appear perfect is something Washington struggles with in her own life. “As women we want to be perfect,” she explained. “I am also an only child. I am very aware of how people see me.” She continued, “I remember when I was in college someone told me that self-reliance was a character flaw. I thought, ‘What do you mean?’ I thought that’s what the goal in life was, to do everything perfectly on my own. It has been a really important lesson for me in life to ask for help and just let myself be who I am.”

Washington also stressed that women shouldn’t emulate everything her “Scandal” character Olivia Pope does. The actress, who drank red wine and ate popcorn during the TV interview, mimicking her character’s diet, advised the audience, “Don’t eat this way in your real lives.” Washington also cautioned about emulating her character’s other flaws. “It’s always funny when people say like, ‘Oh, I love Olivia Pope. I just want to be like Olivia Pope,'” said Washington, who noted, “I always say, ‘Well, that’s okay if you mean everything except sleeping with married men and just drinking wine and eating popcorn. If you want to dress like her, you want to talk like her, all that is fine.” Note: Video no longer available.

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