VIDEO: Keri Russell and Jimmy Fallon Play Inflatable Suit Flip Cup

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Keri Russell Jimmy Fallon Flip Cup

By Daniel Gates


Keri Russell Jimmy Fallon Flip Cup


Jimmy Fallon played a game of inflatable flip cup against Keri Russell on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” because that’s the kind of thing Jimmy Fallon does. Russell may play a Soviet spy whose life is always in danger on “The Americans.” But her character has never done anything quite as thrilling as this. Watch the video below!

The game, in case it’s not obvious, involves playing flip cup while wearing giant inflatable suits. This is not to be confused with Slap Jack, which is when Fallon plays blackjack against someone like Kevin Hart and they smack each other with giant prosthetic hands. This is different. We won’t spoil who won. It was intense.

During her actual interview with Fallon, Russell brought out her son’s adorable handwritten Christmas gift wish list, and we learned that her family has giant Nerf gun fights, which sounds like a possible future Fallon game, and that last year her son asked for (and received) a fat suit. Much like the one she donned to play flip cup against Fallon. In other words, Russell’s family life seems to be the perfect training ground for “Tonight Show” appearances. Watch the videos below, and tell us what you think.

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