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America’s Got Talent Finale Deemed “A Celebration of Kenichi Ebina” (VIDEO)

By Shari Weiss


(Daily Motion)

Kenichi Ebina — and eight doppelgangers of sorts — tried to win it all on part one of Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” finale.

The dancer, using virtual reality, performed a seamless routine with eight zany characters (a hot woman,  a clown, etc.) all played by him.

He received a standing ovation from three of the four judges, his second of the evening after earlier recreating his Matrix-inspired audition.

“Kenichi, I think that your creativity is limitless. I think that you are a superstar…” Heidi Klum said afterward. “If I would be at home right now, I would vote for you.”

Howard Stern called the performance “brilliant,” and went to say Ebina is “mesmerizing.”

“He desereves to win…” continued the shock jock. “This is a celebration of Kenichi tonight, not ‘America’s Got Talent.'”

“I agree with Howard wholeheartedly…” said Howie Mandel, adding, “The creativity and the originality of what you do and what [fellow Top 6 finalist comedian] Taylor [Williamson] does far surpasses anyone who does singing.”

The lone dissenter?

Mel B, who told Ebina, “Kenichi, I think you are amazing, but I think that performance right there was a little bit off for me. I wanted to feel that impact you usually give me.”

Check out the videos below, and tell us if you want Ebina to win tomorrow!

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