Kendall And Kylie Jenner: Caitlyn’s 2 Million Twitter Following Is “Insane,” She’s “So Excited” — WATCH VIDEO!

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Kendall Kylie Caitlyn Jenner Twitter Followers

By Shari Weiss


Kendall Kylie Caitlyn Jenner Twitter Followers


Kendall and Kylie Jenner are impressed with the way Caitlyn Jenner has embraced Twitter, and with how Twitter users have embraced her right back. Watch video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Caitlyn joined Twitter on Monday, shortly after the debut of her Vanity Fair cover. By the end of the day, she had already broken President Obama’s record as the fastest person to one million Twitter followers. Now Caitlyn, who has only sent a grand total of five tweets and isn’t following anyone, has more than 2.4 followers.

Kendall tells E! News, “[It’s] crazy that she has 2 million followers! I literally just checked this morning, and I was like, ‘You joined a day ago and you already have 2 million followers!'” She continues, “It insane! I mean, it’s really amazing, but insane!” Kylie adds that Caitlyn called her about the milestone, “and she was so excited.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the Jenner sisters and the Kardashian sisters all celebrated Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover and her decision to join Twitter earlier this week. On Thursday, Caitlyn showed she was picking up some of the social media lingo, sharing a “#TBT” photo of son Brandon in honor of his birthday. Check out the video and tweet below! What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner joining Twitter in the wake of her transition?

Caitlyn Jenner Brandon TBT Birthday Tweet


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