CLAIM: Kendall Jenner’s Teleprompter Flub Was Planned By Mom Kris

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By Daniel Gates

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Kendall Jenner’s Billboard Music Awards flub was planned by Kris Jenner, reports the National Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, it was “no accident.”

“It was yet ANOTHER brilliant Kardashian-esque K-Klan Kon Game — konkokted to trigger tons of free publicity by none other than mom-ager Kris,” claims the Enquirer, failing as badly with wordplay as it does with reporting.

An alleged “insider” tells the outlet, “The so-called ‘teleprompter accident’ — after which Kendall blurted out, ‘Guys, I’m the worst reader!’ — was in fact masterminded by Kris, a genius when it comes to getting her Kuties publicity.”

(Deep breath. This fake “quote” isn’t done.)

“The alleged ‘blunder’ was a strategic move to generate worldwide headlines and plaster Kendall’s face everywhere,” explains the fictional Enquirer source. “And it worked — K-Kid’s act was damn near Oscar-worthy!”


The Enquirer thinks Kendall Jenner needed a teleprompter mix-up to get publicity?

Does the Enquirer not follow celebrity news?

Everything a Jenner or Kardashian does makes headlines.

Of course, when the Enquirer writes about Kendall, it’s often completely wrong.

But plenty of other outlets follow everything from her fashions to her tweets to her alleged hookups — and the awards show mishap was just another story that didn’t boost her level of fame one iota.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the idea that Kris planned Kendall’s flub is “absurd.”

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