WATCH: Kendall Jenner Calls Out Haters With Mean Girls-Inspired Burn Book Video

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Kendall Jenner Burn Book Video

By Michael Lewittes


Kendall Jenner Burn Book Video


Kendall Jenner calls out her haters in a new Mean Girls-inspired video for Dazed. In the clip, Jenner is sprawled on a pink bed as she writes cruel comments about herself and her career.

Jenner, who covers the magazine’s winter issue, begins the video by quoting Mean Girls character Regina George. “You let it out honey. Put it in the book,” she says before she begins scribbling insults. “Kendall Jenner will never be a real model,” she writes. “Kendall Jenner is a spoiled brat. Kendall Jenner is ugly, evil and greedy.”

Jenner goes on to write down the nasty comments she has received about her modeling career, noting that she is “talentless” and “nothing special.” She adds that she is too “ugly” for high fashion and that she is has a “boring face and walk.” She continues by addressing the fact that many of her haters say “she couldn’t do this without her family.”

The reality TV star also quotes other famous lines from Mean Girls. “I hear her hair is insured for $1,000,” she says. “I hear she does car commercials in Japan. I hear she made out with a hot dog.” But she didn’t stop there. Jenner continues, “Kendall Jenner is a self-absorbed white b*tch with millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing.” She adds, “It’s crazy to think North West can already read better than Kendall Jenner.”

Jenner proves the best way to deal with these kinds of insults is to laugh them off. Check out her video below, and tell us what you think!

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