Kendall Jenner Furious About Dad Bruce “Harassing” Harry Styles?

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By Daniel Gates

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Kendall Jenner dumped all over daddy Bruce Jenner for harassing hunky heartthrob Harry Styles when she took her One Direction sweetie to visit Pops,” reports the National Enquirer.

According to a tabloid source who was apparently able to get into the closed-door meeting, “Bruce got all grim and told Daughter’s Darling he keeps hearing rumors about his cheating ways, and does NOT want his little girl hurt.”

“Harry stood right up to Bruce, telling him ALL the rumors are untrue!” continues the Enquirer insider.

The same quote continues, “He’s never, ever cheated on Kendall and never would. Bruce thanked Harry, saying he just wanted to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. He knows rock stars like him have groupies galore, and just wants to make sure his little girl isn’t being played. But when Kendall learned Daddy had put Harry through the wringer, she was so pissed she stopped speaking to him for days!”

1. No one talks like this. It’s a fake quote from someone who was absolutely not in the Jenner house for the alleged meeting.

2. It’s completely untrue that Bruce and Kendall Jenner argued about this supposed Styles sit-down.

Last month, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer for trying to spread the rumor that the Kardashian sisters were allegedly upset about Kendall’s relationship with Styles.

The mag’s poor track record with the family continues here.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop it’s “totally untrue” that there was any Kendall-Bruce blowup over her beau.

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