Kenan Thompson Fat-Shamed By Al Sharpton: “Take Off About 50 Pounds” (VIDEO)

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Al Sharpton Kenan Thomspn weight

By Minyvonne Burke


Al Sharpton Kenan Thompson weight

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Kenan Thompson was fat-shamed by Rev. Al Sharpton, who told the comedian he needs to drop about “50 pounds.” Sharpton was stopped by a cameraman on Friday and asked whether or not he thinks there needs to be more black late-night talk show hosts.

“I think Larry [Wilmore] is alright,” began Sharpton. He then said he thinks Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Thompson would all be great as late-night hosts. “Kenan Thompson would be great if he quit imitating me,” said Sharpton, referring to Thompson’s “Saturday Night Live” impersonations of him. Sharpton continued, “He needs to lose weight. You can’t look like old Al, doing new Al. Come on, Kenan. Update yourself. Take off 50 pounds, and I’ll see what I can do about getting you on late night.”

The civil rights activist didn’t end his bashing there, telling the cameraman, “People can’t go to sleep looking at somebody that heavy. It makes them get up in the middle of the night and go get a piece of cake or Kool-aid.”

It seems Sharpton, who once weighed more than 300 pounds, may have been taking a jab at Thompson because of all the “Saturday Night Live” sketches in which he mocked the MSNBC host for mispronouncing words on his show “PoliticsNation.” Check out the video below of Al Sharpton fat-shaming Kenan Thompson, and tell us what you think.

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